“The course produces a favourable impression due to its clarity, usability and artful implementation of learning objectives. Each subsequent unit helps the student achieve a higherlevel of language competence and thus encourages further learning.


“The Road to Success” can undoubtedly be considered one of the best courses for the Business Russian currently available on the world market. It is suitable for university classes, adult training courses as well as for individual study. The course benefits various types of learners who make their first steps in learning Business Russian."


Doctor, G.M. Lyovina, Professor of Language Didactics,

Pushkin State Institute of the Russian Language, Moscow, Russia



“The fact that the course book “The Road to Success” is edited by a world-famous expert in the field of Russian as a foreign language didactics, Professor S.A. Khavronina, contributes to its utmost quality. The second volume of the course book provides the students with a modern learning tool designated for both business and everyday communication in the Russian language.”

Doctor L.L.Vokhmina, Professor of Language Didactics

 "The Russian Language Abroad"