The Concept


A New Generation Course Book

"The Road to Success" is not restricted to a single teaching approach, but strives to combine the best features of a variety of teaching concepts. The integrated approach offered by the authors makes it possible to unite communicative, cognitive, neuro linguistic, audio-visual, and grammar-translational components in producing an effective learning tool. 


Integrated development of all four language skills

"The Road to Success" is designed with the primary goal of providing learners with a fast and effective means to develop and apply their communication skills, in everyday situations and in business interactions. A special emphasis is placed on the integrated training of all four language skills, which are developed simultaneously on the joint foundation of interrelated vocabulary, grammar and texts. However, preference is given to the oral speech proficiency. "The Road to Success" fully complies with the requirements of the European standards for foreign language learning and is suitable as exam preparation for official certification Tests of Russian as a Foreign Language.


Simultaneous training of everyday and business communication skills

The course provides an integrated didactic environment that embraces the main speech functions essential for everyday and business communication in a logical and systematic way. This approach makes it possible to train the everyday and business aspects in a simultaneous, rather than sequential, mode. The texts and assignments are designed to integrate the most important features of daily and business interactions, such as the power distance, the social status of communicants, their communicative aims, etc.  


Training real communication in Russian

The Course Book provides an in-depth focus on training a distinct speech event as a basis. The speech events have been carefully selected according to their frequency and relevance in real communication. The realistic and standardized dialogs are designed to model genuine life situations encountered by the learners and serve as models of living contemporary Russian. The majority of the texts and assignments reflect their habitual use of Internet-assisted communication models.


Focus on the prevailing visual cognitive type of learning 

The format and graphic design of this course reflects the prevailing visual cognitive learning  modalities, including original bright color photographs and cartoons.